Wear The Flair

Tag your friends

Some big stuff has been happening over the last few days. We've dialed in or hardware selection and finally found some solid metal materials to work with. Every bow tie in the store has been updated with the good stuff. Also, we got our tags! Now every bow tie sold will be branded with the misterMGR name. As always we've been cranking out our handmade bow ties building up inventory. Keep a look out for exclusive discount codes to celebrate our opening.

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Small Batch Bow Ties

We're rolling out our first 6 bow ties today with 3 more coming soon. There's been a lot of trial and error to get here. You'll have to take our word on this because we'll never post the pictures of our test ideas. We were looking at the first bow ties we made the other day and they are awful. There's no nice way to say it.  What you're seeing today is months of refinement. We built the bow tie from the ground up. The pattern is our own, the hardware is our own, the stitches are our own. The goal is to...

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